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Titanium Sheets - Grade 5 (6AL-4V)

Titanium Sheets - Grade 5 (6AL-4V)

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Currently imported from FingerTech, this stuff can't be beat for armor and even weapons. Currently we're only carrying the 0.5mm 1mm and 2mm sheets, but we are seeking a more affordable option to import very soon, which may allow us to carry a slightly better assortment, and bring the price down.

- Use 0.5mm for wrapping around wheels and making springy, shock-absorbing armor.
- Use the medium sizes for rigid panels and wedges.
- 2mm makes nearly impenetrable armor. and 3mm and up can even make decent weapon bars.
- Thin sizes can be cut with aviation snips and metal shears, thicker sizes with rotary tools (dremel discs, angle grinder zip discs, metal-cutting chop saw), and bandsaws (using metal-cutting blade).
- Can be bent by hand tools or a brake (thicker sizes should be cautiously heated to glowing orange with a propane torch to prevent cracking). Larger radius bends work better!
- Use cutting fluid when drilling, with slow RPM and high pressure. Titanium will work-harden if you let the tool rub on the metal.

Grade: Gr5 (6AL-4V) ASTM B265
Sheet Size (not incl 5mm): 20.32x25.4cm (8x10in)
5mm Sheet Sizes: 30.5cm (12in) length with widths of 30.5cm (12in), 20.3cm (8in), and 10.2cm (4in)
Sizes are ±4mm, thicknesses ±0.15mm, and sheets may not be perfectly flat or unmarked.
Density: 4.43g/cm3 (2.56oz/in3)
Thickness and Weight:
- 0.5mm (0.02in): 137g (4.83 oz) *Note: This batch is averaging 0.5mm-0.6mm thick*
- 1.0mm (0.04in): 229g (8.07 oz) *Note: This batch is averaging 1.05mm-1.10mm thick*
- 2.0mm (0.08in): 458g (16.16oz)
Tensile Strength: 9687kgf/cm2 (138kpsi)

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