Getting Started

The NZ Guide to getting started in Combat Robotics (BattleBots)

  1. First, understand the sport
    1. Note that we have 2 common weight classes in effect 150g Antweight, 3lb BeatleWeight.
      (More will come as more people get involved) 
    2. Read the NZ rules list contained on our Facebook Page under the Documents section:
      SPARC Robot Construction Specifications v1…
      Linked here –
  2. Join the NZ Facebook Page and/or the Group or Slack Channel

    The Combat Robotics NZ Page – This is a public-facing page where all the announcements are made, for events, photo, videos etc.
    There is no build discussion or advice here. – 

    The Combat Robotics NZ Group – This is more suited for builders and participants.
    Its were you can discuss builds, ask for advice etc –

    The Combat Robotics NZ Slack Channel –  This is invite-only, and where all the behind the scenes chat goes on.
    To access this please contact a current group member or any admin for an invite code.
    Paid members get access to channels where they can’t input into rules, events and other such things. It where all the deeper build discussions happen.

  3. Read a few build guides from other builders.
    Read ones across weight devisions you may not want to compete in as they all help.
    There are a few linked below, but Facebook, Youtube, Instuctables and other places are a great place to start.
  4. Attend a few battles or build nights.
    See and talk to a few people before you commit to buying parts.
    This may slow the process down to start with but will save you time and money in the long run and ensure you build the best bot possible.
  5.  Start with building an Antweight Bot first.
    This is recommended as its cheaper, quicker and far less destructive class. The skills you learn in building eg: RC systems, wiring, driving etc are directly scalable.
  6. Start with building a Wedge or Pusher bot.
    Two-Wheeled bots are simple, cheap and very very competitive when built and driven well. They teach you everything, most importantly driving which is the biggest weakness for any new starter. Build a Wedge or Pusher first, them move up to active weapons. Weapons require Brushless motors and ESC’s which are very complex to wire and program for a bigger making them highly dangerous. Incorrect setup or programming will mean you fail pre fight saftey checks and wont even be able to compete!
  7.  Fight!
    Get signed up for the next official battle, or come along to our open monthly Ant Weight fights.
    All events listed here – and in Facebook Events
  8. Learn from your fight, re-build a better bot and repeat.

BattleBot Build Guides

There are so many!

We have a giant list of build guides available here to get  you started.
Combat Robotics Build Guides List