About CRNZ & General Info

Combat Robotics NZ Store

The Combat Robotics NZ Store is a private New Zealand owned and operated business which supports the local community and Combat Robotics New Zealand Incorporated by hosting web content, tutorials, events calendar, rules & regulations and other information, as well as providing a wide array of locally stocked parts and supplies for building and repairing combat robotics, as well as stocking several locally produced parts designed by our members for the hobby.
We also cooperate with other businesses and groups in the hobby within New Zealand to further support the hobby in any way we can.

Combat Robotics New Zealand Incorporated

Core Principles

Combat Robotics New Zealand Incorporated is committed to:


Promoting creativity and competition in the sport of Combat Robotics.


Encouraging learning and the sharing of knowledge and skills, in the S.T.E.A.M


Fostering a community of creative, friendly and cooperative people.


The object of the Society is to enable members to create and compete with Combat Robots. In particular the Society will:
  1. Host regular meetings and competitions within the Society.
  2. Provide resources to support robot creation, competition spaces and arenas.
  3. Encourage the sharing of information about best practice for drivers and builders to other members and the wider community.
  4. Take opportunities to promote the sport locally and nationwide.
  5. Make accessible event photos and videos for the wider community to enjoy.

Our Full Constitution

These are the guiding documents for Combat Robotics New Zealand Incorporated: