Radio Control Basics

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The basics of combat robotics Transmitters

In NZ we use almost exclusively this receiver FlySky FS-i6 2.4G 6CH AFHDS RC Transmitter
It has everything you will need for combat robotics, and as everyone uses it there are plenty of people able and willing to help you set it up.

Here is a full guide to setting up the FS-i6 and FS-i6x for robot combat.
FlySky FS-i6 Transmitter Combat Guide

FS-i6X - how to setup for combat robotics

Choosing Mode 1 or Mode 2

The mode impacts on how you will want to drive; Options being;
– Tank mode (two stick)
– Arcade (one stick) <- Perhaps better for kids who game on Playstations etc.
Both are fairly evenly common 50/50 split as people come from prior RC backgrounds of different sorts.

Id recommends mode 2, as it has spring trigger return better setup for Arcade.
you can mod/add trigger returns for Tank as needed.

It’s important to note, the FlySky FS-i6 allows switching between these two ‘standard’ modes and offers two additional modes, but neither Mode 3 nor Mode 4 have any benefit in robot combat.
However, the spring trigger return is set for either. You can disable and move the trigger returns as needed, or buy and mount additional trigger returns to make all 4 channels spring return.

Transmitter Mode 1 is the European standard with Throttle channel 3 on the vertical axis of the right stick, and Elevator channel 2 on the vertical axis of the left stick.
Transmitter Mode 2 is the U.S. standard which has the vertical sticks reversed: Throttle channel 3 on the left stick and Elevator channel 2 on the right stick. The FS-i6 transmitter comes with Mode 2 enabled.
*There are ways to hack the controller to change things, swap gimbals around etc if needed.

For more info there are some amazing guides out there already.