Rules & Regulations

In New Zealand, we have 3 main weight classes: Ant Weight (150g), Beetle Weight (3lb), and Feather Weight (30lb). Though only Ant Weight and Beetle Weight events are currently run with plans to expand into the heavier weight classes in the near future.

Please Note: Most of the USA uses different names for some of the weight classes, where New Zealand follows the SPARC rule set which the rest of the world uses:

  • We call an "Ant Weight" 150g.
  • In the USA "Ant Weight" is 1lb.
  • In the USA our 150g weight class is called "Fairy Weight"

You may have been exposed to the 1lb weight class at Tronbots, and this has caused some confusion in the past. Please be aware of this if you are attending our events, that we do not currently run a 1lb weight class.

Weight Classes:

Class Name Rolling Shufflers Non-Wheeled
Ant Weight 150g 225g 300g
Beetle Weight 1.36kg 2.05kg 2.72kg
Feather Weight 13.61kg 20.41kg 27.21kg

The larger arena at the EndGame location is expected to be done end of this year, which will support Feather Weight, and Sportsman Heavy Weight bots.

Full rules and regulations are available here for download.


Combat Robotics NZ SPARC Match Rules v1

SPARC Robot Construction Specifications v1.3

Version control and update discussions are run via the Combat Robotics group board. Please contact us directly should you have questions or wish to request updates.