Updating Internal Multi Protocol Module Firmware on Jumper T-Pro V1 and V2 Transmitters

The firmware of the internal MPM can be easily updated from the menu of the radio, to do so, you will need to download the latest firmware file, extract the zip, and place the resulting .bin file on the transmitter's SD card in the FIRMWARE directory. Then follow the below procedure to apply the update.

Update Procedure:

  1. Long press the menu button to enter the system menu
  2. Use the tab button to tab to the SD Card tab
  3. Open the FIRMWARE folder by using the click wheel to scroll and select
  4. Find the .bin file you added, ensuring it is the correct file. Then long press the click wheel to pull up the menu.
  5. Select "Flash Internal Multi"
  6. Wait for the process to complete. DO NOT power off the radio during this process
  7. When complete, back out with the back button to the home screen, then power off and on the radio.

Firmware Files:

Latest Testing Version (v1.3.3.27) fixes the bug with binding some FS2A receivers