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S3M Timing Pulleys - FingerTech Various Sizes

S3M Timing Pulleys - FingerTech Various Sizes

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S3M Pitch Timing Pulleys – by FingerTech

The FingerTech Timing Pulleys and Belts are the perfect solution for transmitting power from motors to wheels or shafts and commonly used in combat robotics.
While O-Rings and round belts will slip under tension, timing belts have teeth that ensure a positive lock to the pulleys.

Ten pulley sizes means there are 55 different ratio combinations to choose from!
Use with FingerTech Timing Belts, or any other 3mm pitch belt.
• S3M pitch (3mm high-torque)
• Belt Width (maximum): 4mm
• Sizes: 9 Teeth – 42 Teeth
• Bore: 3mm (9T, 15T and 16T can be drilled up to 5/32″, larger pulleys can be drilled up to 1/4″)

Use the Fingertech pulley calculator to find the exact sizes you need.

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