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Jumper RC

Jumper T-Pro V2 4IN1 Multi-Protocol EdgeTX Radio Controller

Jumper T-Pro V2 4IN1 Multi-Protocol EdgeTX Radio Controller

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New Improved T-Pro V2. This controller is nearly the same as the original T-Pro, but has a few notable improvements/upgrades:

  • New OLED screen, brighter, and easier to read than the original LCD
  • Improved Hall Effect Gimbals
  • Additional momentary pushbuttons on the shoulders, adding more control options
  • Improved Audio Output

Other than these minor improvements, it's the same great transmitter!

Are you tired of mismatched standards, and trying to figure out how to make Radio X work with Receiver Y? Or have you struggled with wiring up extra components to get your tank steering to work right? How about trying to find the right version/protocol of a receiver to work with your transmitter? How about trying to configure failsafe to work correctly to pass your safety checks?

Enter the JumperRC T-Pro, with a 4in1 Multi-Protocol transmitter module built-in.

What does this mean? Well it means that this radio can control almost ANY reciever on the market, from any brand, any protocol, etc. Have old hobbyking receivers using AFHDS (V1), or maybe AFHDS2A? They work with this transmitter. Have nicer FrSky receivers with telemetry? They work with this transmitter. Do you have some Spectrym DSMX Gear? They work with this transmitter. Etc...

The T-Pro runs an open source firmware operating system known as EdgeTX, EdgeTX (and it's predecessor OpenTX) use a standard human readable configuration file, and have easy to use PC based software for configuring the radio. Not only that but they can do almost anything all configurable via the screen/menus on the radio itself. These radios are extremely powerful and flexible.

Want to mix tank steering to be single stick control? That's easy to do with this transmitter. Want to have a switch to automatically handle inverted driving? Also easy to do with this transmitter. Do you want to have expo or custom curves on your inputs to smooth out driving style, and make your bot easier to control, while being nice and responsive still? This controller can do that in it's sleep.

And what's best of all? These transmitters will shipped pre-configured with a set of models for common bot configurations already loaded on them! AND we plan on releasing a series of tutorials on getting the most out of EdgeTX!

Going forward, any other EdgeTX compatible radio from dozens of manufacturers, can be used with your same configuration, the same settings. No more learning something entirely new every time.

When it comes to the hardware, the T-Pro has you covered. It's a nice "gamepad" form factor, small, portable, and lightweight. And it ships with high quality hall effect gimbals, which won't wear out or get jittery like potentiometer based gimbals do. It also has 2x 3way switches, 2x momentary buttons, and 2x slider wheels for analog input in addition to the 2 gimbals, as well as a set of 6 "mode select" buttons that are also usable as a 6way switch input.

To avoid having to worry about separately charging your TX batteries, the T-Pro also supports USB-C charging of the internal batteries, so any old USB-C phone charger will work to keep your TX topped up during an event!

While we realise this radio comes at a bit of a price premium over the bargain priced hobbyking type transmitters available on the market, we do feel this provides a level of stability, quality, flexibility, and future proofing that you can't find with those lower priced units. This allows us to standardize, and provide shared resources like ready made config files, and tutorials on advanced tricks, which will have longevity, and continue to last forward for the hobby for a long time. All of this helps to reduce the technical and learning barrier of entry.

JP4-in-1 Multi-protocol module included. DSM2/X, FrSKY, SFHSS, FlySky, FlySky AFHDS2A, Hubsan etc.
EdgeTX firmware
Hall sensor gimbals
ELRS Nano / TBS CRSF Nano compatible module bay on rear side.
USB-C internal charging
Up to 16 channels of output (depending on the receiver)
Wide voltage input (2pcs 18650 recommended)
Vibration reminder function
Support telemetry (depending on the receiver)
LUA Script support: Yes

Weight: 488g (without battery)
Working voltage: DC6V-DC8.4V
Firmware: EdgeTX
Display: 1.3 inch OLED display, 128* 64 resolution
Gimbal Type: HALL Sensor
Upgrade method: USB online upgrade
Simulator mode: 3.5mm standard ppm output or USB
Battery: 2x18650 (Battery not included, unless selected as add-on option)
External Micro SD Card: reserved SD card slot

Package Included:
1*T-Pro V2 Remote Controller
1*Zipper Hard Shell Case
1*MicroSD Card

Note: 2x 18650 Lithium Ion Batteries are required for this radio! If you wish batteries to be included, please select that option, which will increase the price slightly. Otherwise you can supply your own 18650 cells. These can be had in many places easily for a reasonable price, including the likes of pbTech, Jaycar, and many others.

Also a MicroSD card is required for EdgeTX to function. A MicroSD card is already pre-installed in the radio and pre-configured for combat robotics!

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