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JST Power Plugs (Pair, Silicone, 20awg)

JST Power Plugs (Pair, Silicone, 20awg)

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These are the plugs/sockets suitable for the LiPo batteries we sell and common on most Antweight Battle Bots. They are essential for all bots, allowing you to safely connect your batteries and remove for charging.

Upgraded version for 2023, this version has upgraded Silicone wire insulation, much more flexible, and better heat resistance during soldering. Additionally we've upgraded the wire to 20AWG instead of 22AWG, for slighty better current carrying capacity without adding much weight. They should of course be cut down to minimum required length in your bot anyway, resulting in any weight difference being negligible.

Note there are lots of types of “JST” connectors, but these are specifically JST RCY type.

Length (Each) +-10cm plug end to end of wire.
Weight: Male 1.8 gram, Female 2 grams.

The plugs lock into each other to prevent accidental disconnection (low force).

Pin-to-Pin Pitch 2.50 mm (0.098 in)
Current (Amp) 3
Voltage(Volt) 250
Wire Size(AWG) 20
*Please note this is untested and can not be guaranteed!
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Package Includes:
1 Male JST RCY connector
1 Female JST RCY connector

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