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Combat Robotics NZ

GNB 4S 15.2V 850mAh LiHV Battery

GNB 4S 15.2V 850mAh LiHV Battery

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PLEASE NOTE: Batteries currently can't be shipped, we are working through the whole "Dangerous Goods" regulations.
In the meantime batteries will need to be purchased in-person at an event. If you need to order one in-between an event, please email us at and we will attempt to accommodate you if possible.
We hope to have the "Dangerous Goods" thing resolved soon. Apologies for any inconvenience while we sort this out with couriers.

We have hand selected these batteries with top quality specs specifically for Combat Robotics.

This high quality, low internal resistance and high discharge rate battery pack from GNB is perfect for the high demand that competitive beetleweights put on our batteries.

This pack's low internal resistance means it can cram a slightly higher energy density in, keeping it a bit lighter per Watt, and it's capable of really cranking out the amps with a 120C rated discharge with up to a 240C burst rate!

Note these are also LiHV packs, meaning the battery chemistry is improved for a slightly higher voltage rate per cell, as a result the voltage of the pack is slightly higher, resulting in a slightly higher motor output as well.

If your charger is capable of HV charging, it will have a separate mode (or you can set the cut off voltage manually). If your charger does not support them, you can still use a conventional LiPo charger, and it will only charge the battery to normal LiPo voltage, resulting in slightly reduced capacity, but longer life and less strain on the battery.






Nominal Voltage



26.5*30*63mm (H*W*L) Appr.


88g (+/-2g)

Max cont. discharge (C-rate/current)

120C / 102A

Max Burst (3Sec) (C-rate/current)

240C / 204A

Charge Connector


Discharge Connector


Working Temperature Charge


Working Temperature Discharge


Working Humidity

65%RH +/-20%

Storage Temperature


Storage Humidity

65%RH +/-20%

Rated Cycle Life


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