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Fingertech Weapon Motor Mount - 28mm Diameter

Fingertech Weapon Motor Mount - 28mm Diameter

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Blue Anodised Aluminium 28mm Mount for Motors.

This is perfect for mounting the Fingertech Beater Bar Weapon Motor to the body or floor pan. Very lightweight and sturdy.

Listing is for 1 mount set, which includes two half of the clamp, 2x through screws and 2x floor pan mounting screws.

– Weight ~10g
– 6mm thick
– 2mm thick at the saddle.
– each half is ~15.8mm high.
– each half is 40mm wide
– Bolts are m2.5
– Main through bolts are 22mm long.
– Only one half is threaded the entire way through.

Its the one used in this free Fingertech Beater Bar Robot Plans –
It allows you to mount directly to the body Firewall and has never failed.

Builders notes. 
You should mount this closer to the output shaft end, but you must support the other end. We would recommend two clamps if you can for best support and redundancy in slipping.
In big hits, the force of the motor in a shock will cause the motor to move. This will call a wiggle in your output pulley that can slip a belt. Worse still the force due to a cantilevered motor can be enough to thread or snap bolts out!
If you snap them, drill them out and re-tap to 3mm, they will be stronger and better.

Note that these are not original Fingertech parts, nor in any way affiliated, supported or otherwise related to Fingertech.

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