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CRNZ S3M Timing Pulleys

CRNZ S3M Timing Pulleys

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Bore Diameter

Our new CRNZ Branded S3M Aluminium Pulleys are a great improvement over the FingerTech standard ones common in the sport.

These are precision machined from aluminium, have been upgraded to slightly larger, and METRIC grub screws. We include 2x M3 Grub screws with every pulley. The larger pulleys are meant for side mounting on weapons, and have a 12mm bore to clear shafts, while sporting an improved and more flexible side mounting hole pattern machined into them in all pulleys sized 42T and above, allowing for a standardised mounting pattern.

Additionally all pulleys under 42T are offered in 3 bore sizes! 3mm for older fingertech motor shafts (may need to be slightly widened as these are 3mm metric, fingertech shafts are just a hair larger due to being in "freedom units"). As well as now offering 4mm and 5mm metric bores as well. No more need to drill these out when using with our standard 5mm weapon motor shafts, or 4mm drive motor shafts.

Finally, we are offering these in a wider array of sizes than the original fingertech ones. Coupled with our more granular belt selection, you will much more easily be able to arrange that perfect belt/pulley transmission system for optimal fit.

We are working on an improved CRNZ Belt/Pulley calculator to allow easy math to figure out the optimal arrangement for your choice of center distance, and desired ratios. But in the meantime if you need help calculating the ideal pulley setup, please reach out to us and we're happy to help.

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