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Combat Robotics NZ

CRNZ Ant Weight Starter Kit

CRNZ Ant Weight Starter Kit

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Motor Speed

This Ant Weight Starter Kit includes everything you need to get started with your first Bot!

The Kit includes a 3D Printed Chassis, designed to be modular, allowing expansion and customization, as well as a radio receiver, battery, speed controllers, motors, wheels, as well as a power switch, LED, and all wiring/fasteners you need to assemble it.

The basic starter kit builds a pushbot/wedge, and is well underweight, allowing you to customize it with extra armor, or other weapons/ideas. Or simply add weight. 

And soon, we will have added upgrades, Titanium parts, wheel protectors, 4 Wheel Drive upgrades, and of course weapons!

The 3D Files for the chassis are available for download, and we have files for the module connector, allowing you to customize your own addons to your hearts content

The kit is available with a couple options. You can order with different color chassis, and you can choose between 2 different motor speeds, 600RPM and 1000RPM. We recommend the 600RPM motors as they provide a bit more torque, and far better control, but the 1000RPM motors are speed demons if you are really good on the sticks!

Please check this link for more info on the Ant Kit, and it's related ecosystem:

CRNZ Antweight Kit Homepage

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