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B6V3 Smart Battery Charger

B6V3 Smart Battery Charger

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This is a clone of the popular IMAX B6 Charger. This one is rated for slightly higher output, and is a bit more cost effective.

These chargers are a very cost effective balance charger, with a great set of features, discharge, storage mode, and good range of charging capabilities up to 6S batteries. They also support plenty of different battery chemstries.

We are still testing them to confirm if they are as reliable as the original. We will update this listing once they have been thoroughly tested by the community, and if they pan out we will order plenty to ensure a stable supply of them.

These do not include a 12V supply, we will be carrying them soon, but any DC 12V supply (11V to 18V actually) with a barrel jack will work. You can even make an adapter to run them off another larger battery, giving you field charging capability.

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