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Antweight Power Switch - 6 Pin 3 Pos Mini Switch

Antweight Power Switch - 6 Pin 3 Pos Mini Switch

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A very basic light, but robust switch for antweight bots. 

Material: plastic, metal
Pin number: 6
Size : (L*W*H)0.90*0.30*0.70cm/0.35″*0.12″*0.28″(approx.)

Add this to between the Positive (Red) power lead from the battery, and all the bot’s parts. This allows you plug the battery in, but have the bot off and safe until needed.

eg:  This photo shows how to solder these in place.
Push two opposing pins together and solder the wires between them for a stong connection. Dont get the switch too hot, or the plastic will melt, so be quick and let it cool between soldering each pin. The spare pins are not used, and are “dead” so can be cut off if wanted.

(Note – always heat-shrink or wrap electrical tap around the bare pin. The below is a dangerous short waiting to happen)

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