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22mm Brushless Beetle Drive Gearmotor

22mm Brushless Beetle Drive Gearmotor

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Welcome to the future of Beetleweight Drive Motors! 

This new ready for combat gearmotor uses the same 16:1 all metal 22mm gearbox used in our Brushed Drive, but it's now paired with a customized 1806 size brushless motor to make a complete brushless beetle drive solution!

The 1806 motor included in this gearmotor is rated for 1400kv, so at 3S voltages this will have an output no-load RPM of approximately 970 RPM, and at 4S voltages, no load RPM will be 1290 RPM, so in the perfect range for high power, high speed competitive beetles!

These motors will provide a significant power to weight advantage over their brushed counterparts.

Pre-assembled, ready for combat, with threadlock applied to all assembly screws, and a custom mounting plate to securely mount the brushless motor to the gearbox.

And as with the brushed gearmotor, because this uses the same gearbox, it's easy to service, as we stock replacement faceplates/shafts for these. And if you have existing brushed kits, you can use the gearbox as a set of spare parts!

Note the 1806 motor has a 23mm diameter approx, and it's an outrunner, so you have to accommodate that in your design, but it's overall much shorter and lighter than the brushed assembly.

Because this is a custom setup, stock has been ordered and is en-route, so we will have actual product photos taken once they arrive. In the meantime product photos shown are a placeholder example of what this looks like.

Brushless drive tutorials coming very soon! But in the meantime, these are a perfect pairing with our 12A Brushless BLHeli_S ESCs for an awesome beetle drive solution!


  • Full metal gears, with grease.
  • Solid construction with very thick gear body.
  • 4 Through body bolts hold the gear body together.
  • All screws are set with locktight

Motor Specs:

  • Voltage: 2-6S (6V - 24V)
  • Speed: 1400KV
  • Rated Continuous Current: 6A
  • Rated Peak Current: 12A
  • NSK Bearings

CAD Model:


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