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20A Brushed ESC with Forward/Reverse

20A Brushed ESC with Forward/Reverse

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A great budget ESC for running Antweight and 3lb Beetleweight Bots.

Two are needed to create tank drive, using one each side.

To reduce weight we recommend removing the switch, shorting it with solder across the pcb points. Keep and use the switch as a power switch. You can also reduce the length of all cables as needed within your bots dimensions.

THE SWITCH- What to do?

Switch set to far right position, away from the middle of body which is brake disabled mode.
This is a switch for brake or non-brake modes. This essentially uses the motor to lock the wheel when in neutral preventing roll. This sounds like a good idea, but it’s not! The problem is when you want to go from moving forwards to quickly moving backwards. To achaive this with break on, you need to move your stick back to neutral, wait to stop, then toggle backwards.
In comparison with break off, you can simply roll through neutral into reverse in one clean stick movement.
Considering you dont deal with much momentum within the bot movements and on flat ground, break is not needed.

Suitable Motors
We run these in the following configurations:
N20 Motors –  These
2x (1xEsc to 1xN20) – so 2 wheel drive for Antweights
2x (1xEsc to 2xN20) – so 4 wheel drive for Antweights
2x (1xEsc to 2x 12v,100rpm motor) – so larger 2 wheel drive for 3lb bots.

And beetle weight Motors
Planetary – The best: 
Standard Motors – cheap and simple ones:

BEC :5V 1A
With brake or non-brake (Switch, far right away from the middle for brake disabled)
Input signal :PPM
Driver frequency:2KHz
Li-Po :2S
Ni-Mh/Ni-cd :4-7cell
Constant current 20A Max 15A< 30s Pulsed 30A< 5s
Size: TBC
Net Weight: 12g

Connections include.
1 x servo plug.
2 x jst plugs (1 for battery, one for motor)

Package Includes:
1 x 20A Forward/Reverse ESC Brushed Speed Controller

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